The Committee

Sander Keij

Hello! I am Sander Keij, currently 22 years old and I am the chairman of this committee. This means that I am in charge of this committee and make final decisions. Also, I will be the person to give presentations and I am responsible for the actions of this committee.
Right now, I am a first-year master student in the Chemical Biology department. I am a very active member of SvBMT Protagoras. Besides the studytour committee, I am also part of the ProBoKoCo. Also, I am a regular customer of In Vivo.
What interests me most about Japan is that is both so highly cultured as well as highly educated. I’m looking forward to seeing what the universities will look like, how much they are different than our university and how their labs look like in comparison to ours. Also, I am keen to find out what the nightlife is like in Japan.

Renate van Doormaal
(Secretary, Casestudy Coordinator)

Hello! My name is Renate van Doormaal and I am 21 years old. For the Studytour Committee of 2018, I will be the Secretary and the Casestudy Coordinator. This means I will be in charge of all contact through emails and will organize that some casestudies are available for the students that will participate in this year’s studytour. At the moment I am in my fourth year of studying the bachelor of Biomedical Engineering. I am an active member of SvBMT Protagoras. Besides this committee, I am also a part of the ProBoKoCo. I am looking forward to organizing this year’s studytour to Japan to visit both cultural places as well as educative institutes and find out what the differences are within these institutes with our country.

Sanne Kwakman
(Treasurer, Vice-Secretary)

Hi, my name is Sanne Kwakman and I am 20 years old. I am a third-year bachelor student in Biomedical Engineering. The study tour committee is my first committee for Protagoras. I have always wanted to see more of the world, and this committee is a great opportunity to do this.  I am very excited to go to Japan and see how the culture and the academics are different from those in the Netherlands.
I am the treasurer of the study tour committee, which means that I will be responsible for the finances of this trip. I hope it will be an amazing trip and that we will learn a lot.

Jelle van Kerkvoorde
(Sponsor Coordinator, Vice-Treasurer)

I will introduce myself: My name is Jelle van Kerkvoorde and I am 21 years old. I am currently a third-year bachelor student in Biomedical Engineering. I am the sponsor coordinator for the studytour of 2018, which means that I contact both Dutch and foreign companies about a possible sponsorship of our trip to Japan. I chose this role because I have always been curious which companies are active in the Biomedical sector and this seemed as a good way for me to find out.
I have chosen to become a member of the studytour committee because I see travelling as a hobby. I have a bucket list at home with all the countries and cities that I would like to visit before I die, and on top of this list is Japan. Japan has been a dream for me for a long time, because of its unique culture, hyper-modern technology, beautiful nature and delicious food.

Jeroen Deckers
(Excursion Coordinator, Vice-Chairman)

Hi, I am Jeroen Deckers, I am 20 years old and a third-year bachelor student in Biomedical Engineering. The Studytour committee is my second committee for Protagoras (after the Parents Day committee) and I will be responsible for the excursions during the studytour. Besides my study and this committee, I have been treasurer and PR-Manager of the board of KIVI Students Eindhoven in 2017.
I am looking forward to organising all kinds of cultural and educational activities in Japan with its rich history, beautiful nature and drive for innovations in Biomedical Engineering.

Steffie van Poppel

Hello fellow travellers! My name is Steffie van Poppel, and I am 21 years old. I will take care of all the logistics in this trip to Japan. Currently, I am a third-year bachelor student Biomedical Engineering. I’ve always been interested in Asia, but last Summer I went to China for a 7-week internship for an honours track, which further increased my interest in Asia. Therefore I am very happy that we will be visiting this part of the world again coming Summer. For myself, I am very interested in the cultural differences between China and Japan. Also, the prestigious universities and companies that Japan has to offer also make me very happy to go on this trip. I hope that you guys, together with the committee, will turn this tour into some very educational but most of all fun weeks! I’m already looking forward to it.

Janne Spierings
(PR and Website)

Hi! I am Janne Spierings, 21 years old and currently a third-year Medical Sciences and Engineering student. This is my very first committee for Protagoras. I will be responsible for the Public Relations, the website and all of the promotional activities. Besides that, I will create several reports and will be in charge of the participants' clothes.
I am looking forward to the study tour and I am very excited to experience the culture of Japan and the cultural differences with the Netherlands. Moreover, I am very curious what the Japanese universities will look like in comparison to our university. I am sure that we will make this tour unforgettable!

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