Participants evening

On Wednesday the 21st of February, the participants evening for the studytour was held! During this evening, all the participants of this studytour got together and had an evening filled with activities. First, there was a presentation given by Sander which included everything the participants need to know about the tour. Things such as what universities, companies and cultural highlights will be visited and much more. Also, the participants blouses with the Studytour logo and Thirona logo were presented by Jelle and Steffie. After the presentation, there was time for a toast, or ‘’Kanpai’’, with saké. What followed was a pubquiz with questions about Japan. It was a tense battle between Mick and Elke but in the end, Elke was the winner and took home the amazing sushi starter kit as a reward!

After that, it was time for some fun and games. The group was split up in three smaller groups and they were divided to either get a taste of traditional Japanese beer, Asahi, at the bar, play with origami or try to eat Japanese crackers with chopsticks.

Of course, no evening in the theme of Japan is complete without sushi! The committee tried its very best to make the best sushi the participants had ever eaten!

As a closing activity, we had a lot of fun doing karaoke! The committee initiated the karaoke by singing I Want It That Way from the Backstreet Boys, but soon we were all blown away by Roy’s excellent cover of  Dancing Queen by Abba. We also got to enjoy Bohemian Rhapsody by Gino and Stijn and many more. We were also gifted with the marvelous low voices of Roel and the actually amazing voice of Yi He!

In the end we had a very fun evening and we hope every participant shared this feeling as well! We are very much looking forward to this Studytour!

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